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Sun beams demo

Blender NEWS Oggi, 07:45
Sean Kennedy gives a demonstration of the upcoming sunbeams node. Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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3D Print Your Own Glasses

Blender NEWS Oggi, 06:05
Generate 3D printable glasses files using Blender and SVG files. I wrote a little script to 3D print your own glasses. You don’t need much modeling skills. Just load up the script in Blender and load up your SVG (scalable vector graphics, like JPG except vector format). It’s going to do the 2D to...
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Introduction to Cycles Baking

Blender NEWS Ieri, 20:42
Did 'the Horror of Cycles Baking' teaser freak you out? Now you can make your own version with this tutorial by Blender Guru. In this tutorial you’ll discover: The basics of baking and how to get started in minutes How to bake textured objects How to use baking for specific purposes like caustics...
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Video: Atomic boy

Blender NEWS Ieri, 18:38
Pokedstudio's Jonathan Ball at his best in a bright, crazy world. ...a robot boy gets all the power he needs from atomic bars.... created with Blender Cycles, mostly using toon shaders. Mixed up in After Effects . Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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Industrial loft

Blender NEWS Ieri, 16:34
A beautiful set of industrial architecture renderings by camara on BlenderArtists. After a off time of using Blender, a new personal project. Trying to get the best out of Cycles. For the full series, visit the thread on BlenderArtists. Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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      14 lug

    evvai sono scampato alla morte :D

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Interessantissimo video tutorial realizzato da Emilio Riquelme dove spiega come utilizzare il sistema Mocap per la motion capture utilizzando blender ed il modello di Sintel.

Cosa ne pensate? fattibilità e costi per la realizzazione secondo voi?

Dario Caffoni
Admin BlenderITALIA