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Domanda stupida.....

Off Topic e Presentazioni Oggi, 21:14
Ciao ragazzi, perdonate la domanda, sicuramente stupida, ma da curioso quale sono finisce sempre che mi chiedo il perché delle cose anche se poco importanti....   C'é un motivo particolare percui il colore dei nomi dei moderatori é cambiato da blu a giallo? Ha uno specifico significato o é s...
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BlenderMonth : B for Border Render

Blender NEWS Oggi, 20:50
BlenderMonth continues with another quick tip: border rendering. BlenderMonth writes: Today I’m going to show a qucik tip to speed up realtime rendering preview in the blender viewport by using the “Border Render” option. This option is well known for many Blender users when it comes to speed up...
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Blender Sighting: Canal City Hakata

Blender NEWS Oggi, 20:47
John Hutchison spotted this Blender Logo sighting (well, it's close enough) in Hakata, Japan. "Canalcityhakatainner" by Pontafon - Photo created by Pontafon.. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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World Blender Meetup Day 2014 recorded talks are online

Blender NEWS Oggi, 20:28
6 Cities participated in the World Blender Meetup day this year. Check out a quick overview of the event, or watch all the sessions in detail! Stirling Goetz writes: World Blender Meetup Day 2014 recorded content is now online and available for all! Kudos to all the Blenderheads around the world...
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Strawberry pie in the afternoon

Blender NEWS Oggi, 18:25
A delicious image by lucblend. Not so long ago, ​​my girlfriend made a strawberry pie with mascapone-creame. That gave me the idea to this scene. Which also meant that I could play around with sss. All work done in Blender. Rendered in Cycles. On Cpu in 5 hours 15 min. 2000 samples. I would be [....
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    Modularity is the secret!

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Interessantissimo video tutorial realizzato da Emilio Riquelme dove spiega come utilizzare il sistema Mocap per la motion capture utilizzando blender ed il modello di Sintel.

Cosa ne pensate? fattibilità e costi per la realizzazione secondo voi?

Dario Caffoni
Admin BlenderITALIA