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Tutorial: Occlusion Culling in the Blender Game Engine

Blender NEWS Ieri, 15:55
John Hamilton writes: Learn how to use Blenders powerful Occlusion culling feature for the blender game engine Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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Time-lapse: Marvel Wasp (Blend file available!)

Blender NEWS Ieri, 12:29
I am very impressed with Yusuf Umar time-lapse videos. They have a good pace, an awesome 'table of contents' feature and in general look really well produced. Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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Patch adds new workflow for precise transforms

Blender NEWS Ieri, 09:56
A new patch by Jaume Bellet adds a new way to snap models during modeling. I had to watch the video a few times to understand what it does, but it looks quite promising indeed! gandalf3 writes: Jaume Bellet has created a patch which adds "transform with basepoint" functionality to Blender's exist...
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Blender NEWS Ieri, 08:12
Rahul Parihar posted this quick test on the Blender Facebook group. Visualizza tutto l'articolo
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Physically Based Fresnel In Blender

Blender NEWS Ieri, 07:41
Cynicat Pro continues his explanation of Physically Based Rendering (PBR). If you haven't seen it yet watch part 1, An in-depth look at Physically Based Rendering first. The Next Video in my Blender Physically Based Shading series where i cover how the Fresnel effect works and what blender is mis...
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    32 gradi....e da martedì s ene attendono TRENTASEI...dico 36 gradi!!! quanto odio l'estate!

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Interessantissimo video tutorial realizzato da Emilio Riquelme dove spiega come utilizzare il sistema Mocap per la motion capture utilizzando blender ed il modello di Sintel.

Cosa ne pensate? fattibilità e costi per la realizzazione secondo voi?

Dario Caffoni
Admin BlenderITALIA