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Ho provato a contattare direttamente la Foundation attraverso la mailing list riguardo gli xeon-phi e questa è la risposta.



It’s not going to work automatically, the Xeon Phi is very different

from other Xeon processors. It can basically be treated similar to a

GPU through OpenCL (may be easy to test if someone has the hardware),

or as if it was a linux server on a local network (requires

recompiling Blender + all its dependencies).

It would be interesting to test it once, but I haven’t seen


real world raytracing benchmarks yet, and it’s quite expensive


?). Intel showed it to be 1.8x faster at raytracing than 16 Xeon

cores, but that was a very specific controlled environment, in

practice that number will be lower for real renders. At that price you

can get the very fastest CPU and probably get very close performance

while benefiting from the speed with other areas of Blender and other


I’m not really convinced it’s worth it for me to spend much

time on

this, with GPU rendering it’s interesting because many users already

have a powerful GPU and they are relatively cheap. But I don’t see a

big audience for a 2700$ coprocessor that’s only a bit faster than a

CPU that you can get at a lower price?