Caricamento dinamico del terreno

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    Ho appena “rilasciato” la prima “versione ufficiale” del mio sistema di caricamento dinamico del terreno. Ecco il post (in inglese)

    [Resource] Dynamic Terrain Loading(with video, archive and setup)

    After working quite a lot around this system(you can see wip here), i think it is ready for a public release.

    What will you find here?

    This is a system for dynamically load terrains. That means that it will load the terrain mesh from blends in a specific directory. It will handle the loading, locating them in the right place, free the memory, etc..

    How hard is to set up the system?

    It's a 6 step process.

    1)download the installer add-one (you can download it at the end of the post)

    2)start a new scene (or load a one of yours)

    3)install the add-on and enable it

    4)SAVE(you need to do this before running the add-on only if you opened a new project)

    5)select the player object and select another object (both need to be in the visible layers when running the game)

    6)Press “Set up the script”

    All the logic and modules will be generated for you.

    How can i generate the terrain mesh?

    This is up to you. You can sculpt it, you can generate it with ANT Landscape Generator, you can import it from an external generator. But.. This would be a big terrain, while the system needs the terrain to be tiled. No worries: i wrote an add-on that does exactly this. You can find it here (in the archive at the end of the post you can find a terrain already divided)

    Can i configure it?

    Of course. In the file you will find a list of global variables that can be modified. There are many comments to explain how to use them.

    What does the add-on exactly do?

    It add some logic bricks to the 2 selected objects, it write the modules needed in the directory in which is saved the blend file, and it adds 3 objects in the 20th layer (a plane and 2 cubes), and rename them according to the needs of the script.

    What “add a basic movement system” means?

    This means that the script will also add controller that will move your player using the arrow keys, so that if you want to try it out-of-the-box, you wont need to lose time setting up tedious logic bricks.

    The video shows how to set up the system.

    Set up script:

    Archive(set up script + ready-to-use terrain):

    Add-on for dividing the terrain :

    Little Note: the player object name MUST be “Cube”. If this is a problem, add at line 14 in


    bge.PlayerName = “Your player name”

    and substitute line 21 in with


    player = s.objects[bge.PlayerName]

    If you have suggestions, find bugs, or have any question, feel free to post them here

    Licence: use it as you want in whatever project, but always give credits, and if you manage, put a link to this thread.

    Se domani riesco lo traduco, al momento è piuttosto tardi, mi vado a letto 🙂 Spero possa servire a qualcuno


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    Ciao la cosa è interessante ma riesci a postarlo in italiano grazie.

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