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    E’ stata rilasciata la versione 1.2 di Natron.

    Gli interventi effettuati sono stati prevalentemente orientati ad una maggiore stabilità  del programma specialmente nel caso di prolungate sessioni di lavoro. Per ulteriori informazioni riporto qui appresso il testo dell’annuncio:

    Natron version 1.2 has been released.

    Very few changes were made in this patch, mainly stability fixes to make Natron more robust to prolonged usage of the software.

    The most notable changes are:

    • Overlays on the viewer are now transformed by all Transform effects such as CornerPin,Transform
    • The user interface colors can now be customised entirely from the Preferences
    • Wacom tablets support is now much more intuitive and in-line with what other softwares do and it has support for all widgets that can be zoomed or paned.
    • New ImageStatistics & CheckerBoard nodes

    In the meantime we’re currently doing a maintenance on our snapshots build-servers to plug all the Python 3 development we’ve been doing. Once the servers are be back online, you should be able to test entirely all new features, including:

    • Groups
    • Script Editor
    • Expressions
    • Custom User Parameters
    • Group Python plug-ins (same as Gizmos in Nuke, but written in human codable Python)

    Please try out and stress our Python API so that we can properly test it and release it soon! In the meantime you can read our Python developer (and user) guide over there .

    The guide is in constant evolution, you’re free and welcome to contribute to it by forking our Github repository and extending the documentation under the Documentation/sources directory.

    This documentation also contains the Python API Reference: documenting all the Natron functions exposed to Python.

    Lastly, we’re also adding support to google-breakpad (the crash reporter of Mozilla Firefox), so that crash reports can be sent more easily to the developer team, including (and especially) on Windows.

    The Natron developers team.

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