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Marco Caccini


I was born in 1970, in 1989 I graduated as a surveyor, I have always worked in the world of architecture, design and 3D, using software such as ArchiCAD and others are passionate about photography I use to work modeling and photo insertion, and graphics illustration. BLENDER knew for many years and over the last three years I began to use it in my work as the main software in all my production

Starting from last year, I started to promote the use of BLENDER at the professional, teaching colleagues and other professionals how to get 3D models from their two-dimensional works. I have recently seen increased interest from colleagues in this area arousing much interest in the sector given the power of software.
From the time I work with many professional firms in the field of architectural planning and design, creating residential projects, industrial and hotel products for the design, furnishings, furniture environments.
are now 20 who work in the world of 3d continuing to accrue interest in this technology and growing curiosity in modeling, I transferred the passion even my son that begins to take its first steps in 3d.
I want to continue to grow in this area, trying to develop professional contacts BLENDER promoting knowledge of the professional world.
They are curious by nature and every day I spend time looking for new techniques to increase and improve my knowledge in modeling, texturing and shading of my realizations.


Modellatore, Insegnante grafica 3d

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PC/WIN 7 pro i7 con 16Gb raffredd. cooler master nepton 240m   scheda video GTX 690

PC/WIN 7 pro i7 con 16Gb raffredd. cooler master nepton 240m  scheda video GTX 980Ti  ( seconda macchina ) su case 380T corsair

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