NATRON 2.1.3

Ecco la terza release di manutenzione 2.1.3 di Natron il programma di compositing nodale open source creato presso INRIA, l’Istituto nazionale per la ricerca nell’informatica e nell’automazione, una istituzione pubblica Francese.


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Natron 2.1.3 Change Log

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Questi sono i problemi risolti e le migliorie apportate al programma:


  • – Gui: sliders have a cleaner look with less ticks and a round handle 231c7f7
  • – fix bug where the OFX plugin cache could be wrong if OpenGL was disabled 32c1532
  • – fix dynamic kOfxSupportsTiles handling
  • – add more properties to the “Info” node panel
  • – the log window now becomes visible whenever a message is sent
  • – Fix a bug where entering a Group node could crash Natron
  • – Fix a bug where copy pasting a Group could loose expressions/links used nodes within the Group
  • – Fix a bug when reading auto-crop EXR image sequences
  • – Fix a bug where a project could use all the RAM available plus hit the swap when reading untiled multi-layered EXR files


A cura di Riccardo Giovanetti (Harvester)